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Boosting traffic by 412% and signups by 118% in 2 months - Markettailor case study

Markettailor case study

Markettailor, a leading player in the B2B website personalization industry, used AI-generated content to supercharge their content strategy. Within a short span of two months, Markettailor leveraged AI-generated content to produce an astounding 1,500 blog posts.

In this case study, we will explore the remarkable results they achieved, demonstrating the transformative potential of AI-driven content generation in supporting their Product-Led Growth model.

Background of Markettailor

Markettailor, a leading player in the B2B website personalization industry, has fully embraced Product-led Growth and content marketing as their go-to-market model.

As a bootstrapped startup, they were looking for cost-effective ways to scale customer acquisition. Previously, the founders had written content themselves, but as with any startup there's always too many other tasks to do simultaneously so the content was eventually neglected.Markettailor website - B2B website personalization

With their self-written content and link building, they managed to bring their website from 0 to 3k in traffic, while raising their Domain Rating from 0 to 53.

We started to work with Markettailor, generating all total 1,500 blog posts in 2 batches, 500 and 1,000 posts. They liked how easy AIContentfy was to use and how they could generate keyword clusters on website personalization, account-based marketing, and other marketing topics such as customer segmentation. This allowed them to generate blog posts for all long-tail keywords that had little competition.

The required work included mapping out keywords related to their business and generating blog posts, which eventually took less than 2 days of work. They published content immediately without editing so that they could only focus on articles that started getting traffic.

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Key results

Markettailor's domain rating of 53 helped the new content to immediately rank higher on google search results 1). The content was published in batches of 500 and 1,000 and the results are still coming in over time as with any other SEO work. This resulted in their traffic growing from 3,000 to 15,000 over a 2-month period. Here's how their traffic looks like and it's quite obvious when they started using AIContentfy:

Markettailor's click and impression growth on Google Search Console.

Markettailor's click and impression growth on Google Search Console.

Markettailor 5x'd the amount of keywords in which they rank in the top 10 on Google. They now dominate search for such keywords as "ABM landing page", "B2B website personalization", and "B2B segmentation examples". 

Markettailor ranking keywords How Markettailor's keyword rankings started trending after using AIContentfy.

One of the goals of the project was also to improve inbound lead generation by generating more signups for their product. After 2 months, Markettailor saw a 118% increase in signups. In addition to the content, we further drove the content engagement by adding custom call-to-actions directly to the posts at scale.

Click-through-rate (CTR) on Google and engagement rate on page did not change dramatically after publishing the content. CTR rose 400% momentarily when content on trending topics were published. 

Moreover, Markettailor seamlessly integrated automatic internal linking between their blog posts, a task that would have required days of manual effort. They also cut the time spent on creating blog post images from 1-2 hours per post to practically zero using AI-generated images that aligned with their brand.

Now that a lot of the content Markettailor has published is ranking well, they can take the best performing articles to the next level by adding custom images, expert quotes, and research data. This way they don't spend time and resources on articles that don't get read - we call this strategy the Emergent SEO strategy.


  • 1,500 AI-generated blog posts that resulted in 412% increase in traffic and 118% increase in signups.
  • 5x'd top 10 ranking keywords on Google on now dominating search for their most relevant keywords
  • Cut time spent on image design and internal linking from 1-2 hours to zero while keeping their brand style.
  • CTR and engagement rate stayed the same while there was some spikes when publisihing content on trending topics. 

Want the same results?

AIContentfy offers done-for-you AI-content projects and also link building as a subscription service so you get everything you need under one roof. Check out our pricing or message the team at with your project.



1) Markettailor is one of our first customers and we have made major improvements to our content quality since then. Because of that, we believe replicating the same project would yield much higher results today.