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AI Content Detector

Our AI detector uses some of the best algorithms to detect whether a piece of text has been written by AI such as ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4. While anyone is free to use the tool, AI is able to fool such tools. Google has also expressed that it doesn't care how content is produced - whether AI or human.
"Rewarding high-quality content, however it is produced" ─ Google
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How AI content detectors work?

The detectors check the word choices, sentence structures, repetitiveness, and other characteristics that are typical of AI generated text. In AI content, the models predict the next likeliest word that appears, and the AI detection tools try to predict whether the output matches its prediction.

For example, if I had the sentence "it's always sunny after the ─", you would know that the next word should be rain. AI models and AI detectors work similarly based on billions of words of text collected from the web.

Will AI content get penalized by Google?

Google's main mission is to evaluate the Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) of content to show you the best piece of content. AI-written content checks all those boxes because it's trained on more data than a human would ever have time to read even in a thousand lifetimes.

Considering Google's core mission, it doesn't make sense to penalize AI-generated content, especially if that content can create a better search experience than human-written content.

How accurate are AI detectors?

That depends a lot on the detector, but even OpenAI pulled their own AI detector quietly, citing concerns over the accuracy of the detection. One source found the average accuracy to be only 60% and the best paid one to have 84% accuracy. The bigger question is: is using a detection tool worth it if even the best ones give you a false answer as often as every sixth time? 

Who uses/needs AI content detection?

Education. The whole education industry is going through a tumultuous period where teachers wouldn't want students to cheat by writing their homework with AI. However, rather than ban the use of AI, we believe it's more valuable to change the education system to answer the changing world. For example, we want our employees to use AI as much as humanly possible to save time and resources so it would be nice if the students were proficient users when they graduate.

There's also a lot of other industries that currently use it because companies want a human-touch for their articles (often big companies with loads of resources) but likely business incentives drive past this as some 85% of marketers are already using AI.

How to trick AI detection tools?

You can fool most AI detectors by rewriting the sentences, and using different words. The word choices and sentences need to be less predictable to fool AI detection.